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Sunday, June 18, 2006

America - Freedom to Fascism

To Open Across America July 28

CANNES, FRANCE – Aaron Russo’s incendiary political documentary which exposes many of the governmental organizations and entities that have abridged the freedoms of U.S. citizens had its international premiere at Cannes and won a standing ovation. The event, which was held on the beach and filled to capacity, was open to the public and drew a crowd of people who stood along the boardwalk to watch the film. Read More...

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Primary Objectives

  • Stop the polarization of America
  • Stop the domination of the Democratic and Republican parties over our political system
  • Shut down the Federal Reserve system
  • Return America's gold to Fort Knox and have it audited
  • Have Congress and the IRS, in a public forum, reveal the law that requires Americans to pay a direct, unapportioned tax on their labor.
  • Make computerized voting illegal in all 50 states
  • Keep the internet free and out of the control of large institutions
  • Rescind the law called the Real ID Act so Americans never have to carry a National ID Card
  • Make it illegal to implant RFID chips in human beings
  • Educate juries to the fact that they have the right to determine the law as well as the facts of a case
  • Educate juries to the fact that they are not obligated to follow the instructions of a judge
  • Stop Globalization because it is the path to a one world government
  • Protect our borders
  • Restore the environment
  • Put an end to the Patriot Act
  • Sign up millions of Americans so we can accomplish our objectives


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