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Friday, June 30, 2006


by a WRH - reader

If you're interested, following is a copy of my Email just sent -

To my "Arizona" Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl in "ISRAELI OCCUPIED TERRITORY"... (Pat Buchanan's earlier sarcastic, but accurate label for the United States Congress.)

From: - a Republican Conservative since 1951, disgusted by Bush's and your behavior.



As loyal parrots of our "anti-terror crusader" President, you Senators ceaselessly denounce ALL "TERRORISM" - and especially "STATE-SPONSORED TERRORISM."

But you make 2 EXCEPTIONS: when the TERRORISM is carried out by AMERICA - or the STATE OF ISRAEL!

Senators McCain and Kyl, by parroting the Israel-obedient Bush regime, you have shamefully distorted the definition of "Terrorism." You have all deceptively RE-defined as "noble," AMERICA'S (totally unjustified) 2003 "Shock and Awe" Terror attack on weaponless Iraq. ("Shock and Awe" was openly pre-announced by the Likudnik/Neocon staffed Pentagon and General Franks as their tactic intended to TERRORIZE Iraqis into swift surrender).

And you have also RE-defined (as "justifiable self defence") the racist, Jews-only STATE OF ISRAEL'S 50+ years of daily TERRORISM in occupied Palestine!

Distorting reality, you have dishonestly RE-defined both America's and Israel's tactics of STATE TERRORISM - pretending Israel's and America's own terrorism tactics are NOBLE by re-labeling them with the self-contradictory title "War ON Terror."

War IS "TerrorI" Bush's 9/11 writers would have been honest, naming it "WAR ON WAR" or "TERROR (tactics) AGAINST TERROR (tactics)." But had they, most Americans are unlikely to have supported such a War.

Mislabled, Bush's (and your) "War On Terror" has confused naive Americans to falsely think OUR American (and Israeli) Terror Tactics are somehow "noble" - while Terror Tactics of those we've targeted for destruction, are "evil." No, BOTH are evil!

Senators, the deception that America's (and Israel's) war (terror) tactics are "just" and noble, is now gullibly parroted by millions of otherwise intelligent Americans - and especially by America's obedient (or cowed), 100% Israel-defending and supporting, MAJOR NEWS MEDIA (today all owned - or dominated - by American Zionist Jews, loyal members of Israel's American "Israel Lobby").

So far, not one major American TV commentator has shown any courage to challenge the ABSURDITY of Israel's claim that destroying Gaza's only Electrical Power Plant was their justified attack on "TERRORIST INFRASTRUCTURE." (Or are Israel's leaders so paranoid they believe EVERY ONE of the 1.4 million Gaza Palestinians are "Terrorists?")

And no one in our media has so far dared to challenge (or mock) Israel's equally absurd excuse that they just bombed and set ablaze the Palestinian Interior Ministry building - because "terror was being plotted" inside! As of tonight, widespread Israeli bombing and shelling of Gaza has intensified!

Israel's massive military response to the deaths of two Israeli soldiers and kidnapping of a third, seems an ENORMOUS OVER REACTION - when one is aware of the countless cruelties, provocations and unceasing terror the STATE OF ISRAEL has been inflicting upon Palestinians, especially recently! Read the following...

Since Israel's so-called "disengagement" in March, 2006 (citing UN statistics) "over 8,000" Israeli artillery shells have fallen on Gaza, about " a hundred shells a day." Just prior to their "disengagement" Israeli forces razed "over 16,000 (Palestinian) homes" in the southern border town of RAFAH (currently under new Israeli attacks).

Since Israeli PM Olmert spoke to our servile-to-Israel Congress, Israel's Occupation Forces have slaughtered 32 Palestinians, including 10 children. Olmert also refuses to stop regular "targeted assassinations" such as one a few days ago, when an Israeli helicopter missile fired at a so-called "militant's" moving car in a crowded street, missed and killed a pregnant Palestinian woman inside her home! Also just recently, an Israeli gunboat shelled and killed a family on a Gaza beach, wounding many others.

Early on in Israel's history, Israel's leaders (including Sharon) nurtured and financed HAMAS to encourage a violent, religiously extremist COMPETITOR to Arafat's Fatah party. Their future plan was that if HAMAS somehow later became an elected government, Israel would be justified to refuse to cooperate with a such a "terrorist" group! The original Israeli plan has succeeded!

But now, to COLLECTIVELY PUNISH ALL PALESTINIANS for actually voting into power Israel's former (behind the scene) "protege" HAMAS, Zionist Israel, with the totally servile cooperation of Bush and (both parties in) Congress, has cut off ALL finances needed to even minimally run the Palestinian government. In occupied Palestine, Israel's military has also enormously restricted or totally cut off travel, fuel, food shipments in or produce out! Palestinians, especially the majority of already badly undernourished children, are nearing starvation!

With Palestine's economy close to being quickly destroyed by the vengeful STATE OF ISRAEL, Palestinian unemployment has ballooned and expected to double by the end of 2006 (according to the World Bank). "Seventy percent of the population... is now living below the poverty line."

Yet you Senators McCain and Kyl, refuse to honestly label the above as ISRAELI STATE TERRORISM? Shame on both of you dishonest, amoral men!

If you have the courage, open the following URL and read further about the preceding listed horrors detailed at the recent Washington, D.C. public forum "The Politics of Starvation: The Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine"

Israel totally ignored that the elected HAMAS government immediately also decried the 2 Israeli soldiers deaths and the kidnapping. Instead, Olmert exploited the relatively small incident as his (pre-planned) excuse to COLLECTIVELY accuse and blame the entire elected HAMAS leadership, even kidnapping (by illegal "arrest") many of them.

Just days ago, Israel's (clearly carefully PRE-planned) bombing that totally destroyed Gaza's ONLY electrical power plant, was unmistakably "STATE TERRORISM" to collectively punish, sicken (and potentially kill), every man, woman and child among the 1.4 million Muslim and Christian "inmates" in Gaza's fenced in and divided giant "Prison Camp" complex! Without electricity GAZA'S "INMATES" CANNOT PUMP WATER!

The carefully planned destruction of the Gaza electrical plant (built by Norway), may take MONTHS to repair, if then - and cost multi millions the elected Palestinian HAMAS government does not have. What Israel's cruel Zionist rulers and heartless military have just done violates the Geneva Conventions!

Destroying the Power Plant is clearly an International Crime against Humanity! A Humanitarian Crisis now exists in Gaza! (which our Israel-subservient major news media may never report to us.)

In ordering the Power Plant destruction, Olmert (trying to outdo barbaric Ariel Sharon?) appears to be guided by the views of other famous hatefilled Zionist leaders, such as... "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." -- Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994 (Source: N.Y. Times, Feb. 28, 1994, p. 1)

Senators Kyl and McCain, will we soon hear YOUR courageous voices condemning Israel's criminal act of STATE TERRORISM by destroying Gaza's power plant?

OR are you, with the Bush regime and both our Israel-obedient political parties in ("Israeli Occupied") Congress, so cowed by the great wealth and media power of the influential "Israeli Lobby", you will parrot Bush, illogically defining ISRAEL'S UNIMPEDED STATE TERRORISM - as "ISRAEL'S RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF?"

I expect the latter - unless, through some divine miracle, both of you suddenly decide to reaffirm your PRIMARY allegiance is to the interests of America and Arizona - not continued subservience to the interests of the (alien) Zionist State of Israel.

Hopefully, through your needed reaffirmations, you Senators will also ultimately prove Ariel Sharon was mistaken (or just exaggerating) when, following 9/11, Sharon boasted after Shimon Perez' cautioned that Americans may be angry if Sharon increases his actions against the Palestinians...

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Do prove Sharon mistaken, Senators McCain and Kyl! We will all be waiting and watching to see what you both do next - if anything!


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