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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Breaking News: Angry Beirut Protesters Storm U.N. Building

Reported by Marie Therese
CNN International is reporting that thousands of Lebanese protesters have stormed the U. N. compound in Beirut. The crowd is growing by the minute and includes Christians as well as Muslims, all praising Hezbollah and expressing their hatred of the U. S., Israel and the U. N. CNN reports that earlier today Israel bombed a four-story apartment building in the town of Qana killing between 36 to 51 civilians and this, in turn, impelled Lebanese who were "on the sidelines" to come out into the street. The pictures of the dead and injured are described as "horrific" because most of the victims were women and children. Even though Israel warned the civilians to leave, the CNN reporter explained that due to Israeli air strikes against civilian vehicles, the degraded iroads and the lack of gas, many civilians were too afraid and/or simply unable to leave.

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