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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chossudovsky interview: Official 9/11 story totally fabricated.

Exerpt from interview

"What I have focused on is the role which the 9/11 events have played in justifying the invasion of Afghanistan almost a few weeks later after 9/11, and of course the invasion of Iraq.

And so I've tried to analyze the 9/11 events from geopolitics of war because essentially 9/11 is still the core event which justifies the war on terrorism. Without 9/11, there is no war pretext. That is why 9/11 is a very important landmark because it is being used extensively by the Bush administration to attempt to demonstrate that America is under attack, that these (wars on Afghanistan and Iraq) are acts of self-defense, and consequently that they must make war on the terrorists, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

And so I think that has been my focus, I've looked more on the geopolitics of 9/11, the role of intelligence agencies. And I've also centered on the fact that these terrorist cells, namely al-Qaeda, are invariably linked to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). They have been consistently supported by U.S. intelligence, and so that this whole process of fabricating an enemy, namely, al-Qaeda, is in fact also an intelligence operation."

Read whole interview here


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