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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fox News Says Hezbollah 'Certain' To Nuke Major City

Fox Channel is terror group's biggest cheerleader as Americans hit with the sum of all fearmongerin
Paul Joseph Watson/prisonplanet

Following the ceaseless bombing of Lebanon, Fox News has gone thermonuclear in its mission to drive fear into the hearts of Americans by insisting that Hezbollah's use of a nuclear device in a major US or Israeli city is inevitable and that only increased surveillance of Americans can stop it.

Couched in a bizarre Hannity and Colmes demonstration, where a Geiger counter (soon to be a common household object apparently) was used to measure radiation of packets placed in the two presenter's pockets, guest Cham Dallas, director for the Center for Mass Destruction Defense, was determined to get his message across.

Dallas: Sometime in the future there's going to be a nuclear weapon used in the United States - certainly a radiological device is going to be used and a lot of radioactivity is going to fall on American citizens.

Colmes: You say that like it's a certainty, like there's no question it's going to happen.

Dallas: There's no doubt in my mind that at some point in the future we will have a radiological device probably soon and a nuclear device at some point five or ten years after.

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