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Friday, August 18, 2006

America Duped on British Terror Plot

The story of the British liquid-bombers is quickly falling apart, not that the Times or the Post is taking any notice.
  1. First comes the NBC report that many of the accused hijackers did not own passports, thus making them ineligible to board an international flight (Remember, Michael Chertoff said that "We were really getting quite close to the execution phase" of the plot);
  2. NBC also reports that the U.S. pressured Britain to arrest the plotters earlier than they had otherwise wanted;
  3. The only statement that the accused were planning to use liquid explosives on planes came from an accused murderer who was on the run in Pakistan and subsequently tortured;
  4. The explosive the plotters were supposed to be using was identified by government officials to be TATP, or triacetone triperoxide, which as Thomas C. Greene explains, is extremely volatile during preparation, requires carefully controlled conditions to properly mix, including refrigeration (difficult to do in "false-bottomed sports drink bottles") and would require an extremely large quantity in order to damage an aircraft. The idea that a) sufficient quantities of TATP precursors could be smuggled aboard and b) it could be successfully mixed without either blowing up or overcoming the would-be terrorist with its fumes is preposterous.
Folks, this plot was never a plot. National security is being used as a political football, and the media, which could take this nonsensical story to pieces with a couple of days of research, is silent.


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