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Friday, August 04, 2006

Webster Tarpley on the Real Causes of 9/11

Webster Tarpley has a long background of service in international journalism. His lengthy record of service in the field has provided him with many contacts, which he uses judiciously, as well as an international perspective, enabling him to see well beyond the smoke and mirrors generated by governments functioning as self-serving mechanisms.

Tarpley, who received richly deserved praise for an earlier unauthorized biography of George Bush the Elder, which exposed the family's involvement in providing funding for Hitler's Third Reich, has delivered a prolifically researched and dramatic work detailing the real causes of 9/11.

He makes the case for continuing investigation into the series of tragedies that transformed the entire world amid the plumes of smoke surfacing from New York's burning Twin Towers.

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in U.S.A., now in its third edition, is an indispensable work in that it tackles the number one issue that America and the world needs to currently confront.

While many might state that issues such as affordable jobs and medical care surpass all other issues in importance, the one concerning which Tarpley has devoted this informative volume - that of state-sponsored, false flag synthetic terror - surpasses in overall importance everything else within both national and international boundaries.

If you are one of the many skeptics of the pat explanation provided by the government and the 9/11 Commission that the attacks on that fateful day were all interlinked with the terrorist network of Osama bin Laden, a genius of mythical proportions controlling the world from an Afghanistan cave, this book will loom as a welcome and illuminating volume of reason and penetrating insight.

Tarpley debunks this prevailing myth with precise insight.

The reason why this issue exceeds all others in importance is that, until the network behind the Cheney-Bush Junta is fully exposed, a group or groups representing the same line of thought will remain in Washington.

As Tarpley points out, evicting the ruling Junta from office is imperative to eliminate the dire and imminent threat of nuclear war, as evidenced by the truculent stands of neoconservatives in the Middle East, with Syria looming close on the prospective nuclear radar screen.

Tarpley makes the same basic points that have been consistently made here regarding who is actually in charge and how the ruling Junta developed. He notes that a shadow government would never entrust strategic decision making to a "moron" such as George W. Bush. He sees the sage of Halliburton and the oil-military axis, Dick Cheney, as a major spokesperson but takes one significant step beyond this perspective.

In tracing the events of 9/11, Tarpley naturally covers the bizarre and fearful behavior of George W. Bush in Sarasota, where America could have been facing a nuclear threat or coup, only to see the putative chief executive continue a photo opportunity session with an elementary school girl reading "My Pet Goat." He probes the reader's mind, however, with where he proceeds from there.

Tarpley drops a bombshell as he recounts the message received by Cheney and communicated to him from Washington to Bush aboard Air Force One. According to no less an insider than Bob Woodward the message communicated was "Angel is next." In White House jargon Angel represents Air Force One.

A case is built beginning with this reference of a bloodless coup in progress. Tarpley's explanation resonates with reason based on what we saw and were told at the time. There was Bush's long absence from Washington and his engaging in what to outside observers could represent wandering flight missions to nowhere.

There was also the period where Air Force One zigzagged and flew at low altitude. Such activity is consistent with seeking to become a more difficult target for an attacker.

Tarpley's contention that any power takeover involved some of the highest sources in government was buttressed by the fact that the planes involved in the 9/11 crash disasters were never scrambled, when such a response is automatic under Federal Aviation Administration rules whenever aircraft display erratic behavior.

He also focuses on unanswered questions regarding the crashed plane in a Pennsylvania field and the holes left in the Pentagon following what was described as an attack by a plane. According to aeronautical engineering experts, it appeared from the size and shape of the holes that the damage more likely resulted from a missile attack.

Another fascinating area of Tarpley exploration is that of the scene at the Twin Towers. The author minces no words in his denunciation of New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's decision, clearly at the behest of Cheney and Bush, to remove all of the charred steel following the crashes and subsequent fires.

In one particularly telling ring of irony, the company hired to clear away what could have represented vital evidence was the same one used after the Oklahoma City bombing for the same purpose.

While Rudolph Giuliani, through mainstream media post-9/11 spin, was exalted almost to the level of sainthood, Tarpley is to be admired for seeing through the smoke and mirrors. He reveals that it is a felony to remove potential evidence from a crime scene, which Guiliani did to a marked degree. The question is why?

Tarpley's disclosures concerning the response of the Cheney-Bush Junta to the tragedy and the ultimate appointment of an investigating commission, only after prolonged pressure was applied, are some of the best of a work filled with crucial information.

Tarpley provides brief background sketches of the 9/11 Commission members, proving conclusively that, with the exception of the group's single "wild card," former Vietnam War hero and U.S. Senator, Max Cleland, the group consisted of Washington Beltway insiders more conducive to holding the line and not making waves than probing for fresh answers.

It is particularly significant that Colleen Rowley, a Time "Person of the Year" and foremost 9/11 whistleblower, was never called to testify.

Tarpley's main scorn reserved for the 9/11 Commission process is directed toward John Lehman. Tarpley reveals that Lehman, a former Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Administration, was a signer of the September 20,2001 letter from the Project for the New American Century calling for a "war on terror" against Iraq.

He also discloses that, rather than probing for new information pertaining to the Twin Towers scene, Lehman instead unfairly scapegoated valiant New York City firefighters, contending that they had not done enough. Naturally nothing was said about removing potential evidence from the crime scene over the protests of those same firefighters.

Another significant point covered by Tarpley was the overlooked evidence that the 9/11 Commission ignored. Scores of experts have insisted that it is impossible to generate fires of the nature that occurred at the Twin Towers, as well as another building nearby that caught fire without being hit by aircraft, based on the official explanation.

Past experiences reveal that buildings remain standing after being hit by aircraft. It requires explosive devices to trigger the fiery destruction and collapses that reeked havoc in New York's financial district on 9/11.

Prominent Indian author Arundhati Roy uttered my favorite quote from 9/11 Synthetic Terror. On August 16, 2004, Roy told the American Sociological Association in San Francisco: "Terrorism is the privatization of war" and that "terrorists are the free marketers of war."

Webster Tarpley has extended his efforts beyond the research and writing of this comprehensive work on 9/11 to the realm of cohesive action. He is currently interacting with others to seek answers to questions being dodged rather than investigated.

Tarpley is a prominent member of the 9/11 Commission for Truth. He urges those reading his book to join in that effort. The Commission met recently in Chicago, listening to an address from Tarpley as well as a speech from Dr. Bob Bowman, candidate for Congress from District 15 in Florida.

The book contains such a breadth of research that to fully review it would require space commensurate with the length of the work itself. Tarpley's ambitious undertaking demolishes the accepted mainstream media and political explanation of events in the same manner that Mark Lane in the sixties demolished the official Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

9/11 Synthetic Terror can be purchased at It supplies a needed wakeup call to Americans at a pivotal period of history when the maniacal and predatory actions of neoconservatives, with many focused in the ranks of the Project for the New American Century, threaten the world with nuclear extinction.

As Tarpley indicates, it is time to remove the "nuclear football" from the clutches of the ruling Junta in the same way that, in the final days of the Nixon Administration in 1974, Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger removed that deadly option from a highly disturbed, paranoiac American leader.

The current bloodthirsty, power mad Washington neocons need to be stopped before it is too late. Americans need to vigilantly demand answers to important questions that have heretofore been swept under the rug.

by Bill Hare

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