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Monday, August 07, 2006

9-11 Truth Movement: Focus or Die

These next few months may be the most critical time in the history of the 9-11 truth movement.

We stand on the brink of a nuclear world war. The potential for a staged terror attack and subsequent invasion of Iran & Syria has never loomed larger. This, while Israel continues to offer a back-door entry into WW III with their daily massacres in Lebanon and Gaza, urging the desperate neocon fascists to join them in the march toward Apocalypse.

At the same time, last week was a time of overwhelming success as C-SPAN aired the 9-11 Scholar's conference four times at prime time hours. Then came a Scripps News poll saying 36% of Americans suspect government involvement in 9-11, with most suggesting they were directly behind it.

The truth movement also recieved balanced coverage from newspaper and television networks, while a radio call-in mobilization resulted in hosts on Air America finally confronting 9-11 truth and neocons like Sean Hannity begging for mercy.

We have never been closer to nuclear annihilation. And at the same time we have never been closer to breaking the media censorship, building a large-scale political movement around 9-11, and arresting the traitorous plotters behind the attacks.

So which direction will the world follow?

Analysts ranging from authors James Bamford and Nafeez Ahmed to Pakistani ISI Chief Maj. Gen Hameed Gul are all predicting an imminent strike on Iran and Syria.

Additionally, the confluence of major terror drills and nuclear war games over the next few months is particularly ominous. STRATCOM, those generals with their finger on the nuclear button, are running Vigilant Guardian (also run on 9-11) from August 17-26.

Then, from Oct. 24-Nov.8, STRATCOM will run Global Lightning, a massive nuclear war game within the Global Storm series of drills running through December.

On August 14-16, Hawaii is running a drill where a half-kiliton nuke explodes, killing 10,000 resulting in a martial law situation with a FEMA and military takeover. All of these drills and more are monitored at

We must remember that on 9-11, the military ran at least 15 drills, with many "simulated" hijacking terror drills and nuclear warfare war games against Russia. So are these drills a sign of a potential goverment-staged terror event to usher in the nuclear clash of civilizations?

The STRATCOM Global Strike documents, available here, clearly document how these upcoming drills are part of CONPLAN 8022, the plan for an immediate nuclear strike on-demand with B-1 and B-52 bombers (with an emphasis on so-called "low yield" nukes).

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