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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No body. No crime. How to get away with murder.

Most of you may not recognize this image..

Those are US National Guardsmen (in the foreground) attacking unarmed students (on the hill) at Ohio's Kent State University in May, 1970. Seems like ancient history, doesn't it? Times have changed, right?

From Kent State to Police State
Some will say, "We're focused on the future! We are working to win back the congress!" Who cares history? Well, you should care -- if you care about what congress will be able to achieve in 2007 and beyond. Let me show you. Come with me to the scene of another crime against citizens of the republic that recently happened in Ohio: The theft of the 2004 election You need to hurry up. In 30 days the smoking gun will be history. Unless you act now.

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