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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Leafleting Stone's 'World Trade Center' film

Here's a PDF file for easy printing.

There will be a good opportunity to spread the 9/11 truth meme this week with the release of Oliver Stone's film "World Trade Center" on 1,871 screens nationwide. has constructed the following leaflet for distribution at theaters screening the film. It can fit two to a page, draws a few quick points taken from the truthful anomalous information (or "clues") Stone places in the film, and directs the reader to websites for more information.

Some misguided activists have focused on leafleting as an opportunity to get arrested rather than to inform people. This is a mistake. There was a leaflet campaign accompanying Michael Moore's limited-hangout film "Farenheit 9/11" which succeeded without calls for 9/11 activists to be thrown in jail. The focus should be on informing filmgoers --not an easy task from jail.

Following are two jpgs of and recommended text for (make your own!) flyers to hand out, place on theater seats, or otherwise insinuate into the hands of filmgoers. (If anyone wishes to send more variations as two-to-a-page pdf files, please send to the editor.):

"The film you just saw was a visceral portrayal of the horrifying events of 9/11. But did you notice the anomalies?

WTC7: Late in the film and late in the afternoon, WTC building 7 collapsed, even though it wasn't hit by a plane. WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein even admitted on PBS that it was intentionally demolished. That kind of controlled demolition implies explosives planted weeks in advance.

Bombs in the towers: The WTC towers themselves fell at approximately freefall speed; again pointing to a planned, controlled demolition. This is reflected in the film’s portrayal of explosives going off in the tower before the collapse. Real FDNY firefighters reported those explosions.

Molten metal: Stone’s film also accurately portrays the molten metal pouring from the towers before collapse. Burning jet fuel
can’t melt steel. Dr. Steven Jones of BYU tested samples of the towers and found evidence of the explosive thermate, which can melt steel.

This evidence all indicates that the destruction of WTC was a pre-planned INSIDE JOB by elements inside our government. 'WTC,' the film ends by stating: "This must be avenged... if only we are brave enough to do so." Are you brave enough to bring the true perpetrators of 9/11 to justice?



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